A vision

UnRest was founded by Micah Beaulieu, a Maine native, who has always been attracted to the native woods where he is from. 

Tired of the same old coffee roasts, Micah set out to do something a little different in the coffee world. He traveled around the state sourcing wood for specific blends for his roasts. You won't find your typical Dark, Blonde or Breakfast blends here. Instead, UnRest has created new blends that are named after the source where the wood was found across the state. 

Having a knack for engineering, Micah designed and built his own roaster and continues to build larger, more efficient models!


Organic beans

Using only the BEST beans, UnRest prides themselves in sourcing high quality coffee beans. 



With wood sourced from around the state of Maine, all UnRest beans are fire-roasted outdoors. 

unique taste

The blends for UnRest have a unique quality to them: an earthy, smokey quality that isn't too overbearing.